Stability, grip and wide range of turn arcs.
Descendant from the modern race designs, the VSR FC was a very popular model in its 2010 introduction year. It took a few tries  to come up with a good blend of modern race design vs classic rideability but the result of the effort was a board with a very versatile personality. They incorporate 3 sidecut radii per model to allow the rider to vary arcs easily through slight weight shifts combined with board angulation. The nose radius is markedly tighter which will pull the board into a tighter arc with minimal effort. Stability comes from the slightly stiffer mid and tail which combined with longer sidecuts in those areas to allow for higher speeds with confidence. They are high taper designs which also use raceboard levels of decamber in nose and tail . Most riders comment on how easily they will come across the fall line and then set in a nice stable line across the hill which can be altered with ease. Currently available in 5 different versions of sidecuts to compliment the appropriate board lengths.

Sidecuts available with approximate equal value:
XXTight = approx 9.5m, suitable lengths: 155-165 cm
XTight = appox 10.5m, suitable lengths: 160-173 cm
Tight = approx 11.5m, suitable lengths: 165-177 cm
Mid = approx 13m, suitable lengths: 168-177 cm
Mid + = approx 14m, suitable lengths: 173-180 cm

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