This was a project worked on for my own board to race at USASA 2010 Nationals consisting of an asym core in a symmetric outline. This design has been used in the past but was a first time with the newer Titanal construction. Its currently undergoing late 2010 season testing but seeing as I won the race, it seems to be safe to say its definitely  a step in a good direction. The core is thinned from front heel to tip and from rear toe to tail for a ride that demands less fore/aft movement to initiate and finish turns. A straighter, more aggressive sidecut was added to the mid section to allow for more mid turn acceleration at a slight cost of forgiveness. The result was as planned , a nice solid race board  with a slightly more demanding but rewarding ride. Currently available on NSR+ only. Pricing TBD.

Still under development is the Angrry glass version with high camber and carbon butterfly .
Shape was easy enough as this one is a direct copy of the 158 Madd but done to 18.5cm wide. 
Original proto is out and worked well but a few dampening changes will be needed to get it to where it needs to be. Estimated to be available in mid 2011 season.

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