Big fun in a smaller package
The Stubby utilizes a design which packs maximum effective edge  into minimum overall length. A shorter more aggressive nose scoop keeps the off snow length to only around 15 cms. Originally designed to compliment the properties of Titanal, the shorter edge still maintains aggressive grip for its length. Sidecuts are mostly radial ( single arc) for a more predictable uniform turn. Flex pattern is slightly stiffer nose and tail with slightly softer mid. This allows for use in a wider range of snow conditions as the stiffer nose will blast through any irregularities on the hill. Noses are not so stiff as to negatively affect initiation. Can be used in a pinch for AM duties as the flex is similar to the AM line of boards. 
Most popular sizes:
171 x 20 x 13.2m
171 x 21 x 13.2m
171 x 21 x 14.2m
173 x 20 x 13.2m
173 x 21 x 13.2m
177 x 20 x 13.2/14.2m ( AKA the Chubby)

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