NSR ( new school race)
Built to rip it up at your local races or take you to speeds you never thought to be comfortable.
During initial testing the top level riders found this design too turny for WC level racing. Therefore we figured it would be pretty much perfect for the rest of us! Built to perform at Provincial or State level racing it has designs built in to allow for slightly less than perfect runs and still come out on top. Flex is aggressively stiff in mid and rear with a sidecut that is GS oriented with that extra  bit of forgiveness. Great for hi speed freecarving on good snow, it is the most stable of all the designs we build. Not a good choice for varied snow as it is designed for all out speed on groomed runs or race courses.
Popular sizes
182 x 19.5 x 13.7/17m
182 x 20 x 13.7/17m
185 x 20 x 13.7/17m

This was a project worked on for my own board to race at USASA 2010 Nationals consisting of an asym core in a symmetric outline. This design has used in the past but was a first time with the newer Titanal construction. Its currently undergoing late 2010 season testing but since I won the race, it seems to be safe to say its definitely  a step in a good direction. The core is thinned from front heel to tip and from rear toe to tail for a ride that demands less fore/aft movement to initiate and finish turns. A straighter, more aggressive sidecut was added to the mid section to allow for more mid turn acceleration at a slight cost of forgiveness. The result was as planned , a nice solid race board  with a slightly more demanding but rewarding ride.

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