Don’t let the name fool you!
Monsters are the longer( 182 cm+) , wide range freecarve models. First one ever made was a 188 x 23 which was sitting in the shop when a friend came by and stated ”that thing is a Monster” Once the name was picked the rest was easy.
They are super friendly moderate to high speed freecarve boards. The flex pattern has a bit softer mid and tail than normal to allow for the end of the turns to be tightened even if you get out of shape and lean back a bit. Rebound comes when riding them centered so they will give you good return on your input but only when in a safe riding position. New for 2011 we will be tightening the sidecut radius in the nose to allow for an easier initiation with less mid board flexing required to tighten your arc. They utilize full tip and tail decamber to make for a smooth, easy to maneuver ride. 
Popular sizes:
182 x 20 x 12/15m
182 x 21.5 x 12/15m
185 x 20 x 12/16m
188 x 20 x 13/16m
188 x 23x 13/16m 

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