Most who have, or still own a Madd 158 are a dedicated bunch. It is a board that had design elements way ahead of its time so we took a close look and came up with a tribute to that design. The Angrry uses a multiple sidecut similar to the original but its done in Titanal construction to get it up to modern standards. Nose elevation has been smoothed out, a small amount of tail decamber added and the initial sidecut has been eased off to give a bit of a smoother less aggressive turn in. Our goal was to make a fun all around short board with a wider use range than the original that still maintained some of its desired traits. 

160 X 19 X VSR APPROX 9.5m

Still under development is the Angrry glass version with high camber and carbon butterfly .
Shape was easy enough as this one is a direct copy of the 158 but done to 18.5cm wide. 
Original proto is out and worked well but a few dampening changes will be needed to get it to where it needs to be. Estimated to be available in mid 2011 season.

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